X-Rays: Just the Facts

Most people have had an x-ray at least one time in their life. It is the most frequently used type of medical imaging in the healthcare industry. With an X-Ray scan, doctors can see inside the body and look at bones to assess damage, to determine if they’re broken, to diagnose bone cancer, and prepare properly for surgical procedures. The X-Ray is a relatively safe procedure as well. You’ll visit the advanced medical imaging in Toms River NJ to have an X-Ray performed. This one visit is usually all that you’ll make. The results are sent back to your doctor so they can determine the next steps to take to keep your health at its best. Here’s a few more important X-Ray facts that you might like to know.

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Fact One: The ‘X’ Factor

Ever wondered what the X in X-ray stands for? It means unknown and Wilhelm Roentgen, who founded X-Ray technology, coined the name, used from algebra.

Fact Two: Type of X-Rays

Did you know there are two variations of the X-Ray? There are both hard and soft X-Rays that a doctor can use to see inside the body. Hard X-Rays are used to provide images of humans and carry more energy than a soft X-Ray.

Fact Three: DNA & the X-Ray

It was Rosalind Franklin who first showed DNA structure and it was with an X-Ray imaging machine.  The British researcher used X-Ray crystallography to produce the images.

Fact Four: More Than Medicine

When we think about the X-Ray, we typically associate it with medicine. And while it is commonly used in medicine to diagnose, discover, and help treat various conditions, its uses expand far beyond this field.  It is used at airports, to see in handbags and suitcases, and for many other purposes.