What Is Meant By Concierge Work In Health Services Industry?

Perhaps a good place to start would be to observe the word’s original meaning. The term ‘concierge’ refers to the original French language definition of a porter or door-keeper. This is the servile and smartly dressed gentleman at the door of your upper class apartment complex or five-star hotel. He will tip his cap to you as you make your way into or out of the building. And the porter is the able-bodied chap that assists you with your heavy parcels, from car to front door.

medical concierge services

So, how should the approach be taken to medical concierge services then? Surely, it is not someone who assists you in and out of bed whilst you are invalided? For that you have your nursing staff. And surely this concierge reference does not refer to the strong guy who swiftly but carefully removes patients from their ward to the operating table and back. And surely, this is not a reference to the delivery guy who delivers your prescribed medication to your doorstop.

Setting all these ponderables aside now and providing you with a definitive answer, it comes and goes with a rhetorical question. Why not? Why can’t all of the above be part and parcel of your medical concierge services? And indeed, if the private care is smart and professional, it is. And it goes beyond a physical presence. It even operates online. There is online advice aplenty on how to handle high stress levels and all kinds of hormonal deficiencies.

There is plenty of good advice on how to handle your low libido, your heavy weight and poor eating habits, as well as your low levels of energy. And the good thing about all this advice is that it is being professionally dispensed.