Services Offered From the Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist is a professional who helps a patient maintain their beautiful smile. He also helps improve problems once it occurs. The general dentist is concerned with the health of your teeth and mouth. The cosmetic dentist focuses on appearance. Exactly what type of services does the cosmetic dentist provide?

·    Inlays/Overlays: Also called indirect fillings, overlays and inlays are porcelain or composite made fillings that help stop tooth decay and structural damages. Thousands of people use inlays and overlays on their teeth to correct appearance and health problems.

·    Composite Bonding: Bonding is used by people who have broken, chipped, or discolored teeth. The bonding material is placed over the teeth where it comfortably fits in place.

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·    Veneers: Veneers are bonded to the tooth and work to repair teeth that have been cracked or broken. They’re fitted for your exact teeth for proper fit and durability.

·    Teeth Whitening: Using a peroxide bleaching technique, teeth whitening services are done in the office in an hour or less and provide your teeth with a 10x white color.

·    Surgery: You may need to schedule cosmetic surgery durham nc for any number of services. Dental implants, for example, require the help of this dental professional.

·    Smile Makeover: Many people use the smile makeover service that is available from most surgeons in the area. With this service you can get a total mouth makeover that reveals your most beautiful style. The dentists correct problems like misaligned teeth or stained/discolored teeth during this procedure.

Now you need to find a good cosmetic dentist to provide any of the services above.  No two dentists are made the same so it is important that you compare the options before you make your decision. Hiring the best cosmetic dentist prevents so many issues that you’d otherwise endure.